Monday, November 12, 2012

2012-2013 Season
Hola gente! I’m looking for 6 solid and spirited core people from September 2012 until end of December 2012 who are ready coalesce into a lively production group. We will receive a second group at the end of December to stay until April 2013. If these dates don’t work for you but your desire to be here is strong, let me know and we’ll figure it out. Each person will assume co-stewardship of a key aspect of the project, ie, animals/compost/worms; garden/greenhouse tunnel; irrigation/water management/mud making; harvest/drying/canning/seed saving; and building (experience necessary for this one). I will teach/coach group to assure a satisfying experience for all, manage resources, and coordinate and guide project progress. If you desire to ace more than one focus, we will rotate at the right moment. Group info base will morph via group meetings, sharing our own knowledge and experience, local permaculture folks, dvd’s, reference books and internet. The garden and the stars above will teach us the rest. Laughter, curiosity, imagination and dedication are essential. I love to be amongst folks who are passionate about conscious, sustainable living and joyful stewardship of a small bit of land. The Four Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz form the basis of our community here. Please be familiar with these principles...I am happy to put you in touch with folks who have already been here. Food collaboration $80 pesos/week/person. Experience does matter but attitude and desire are supreme! Maturity, flexibility, an outrageous sense of humor and physical and psychological strength will all come in handy. Spanish language capability desirable, but not required . Big learning, big growth guaranteed. If you’re feeling it, make it happen. 
Hola gente! Busco 6 personas solidas y comprometidos sobre el medio ambiente desde el septiembre 2012 hasta el fin deciembre. se necesita tener ganas formar un grupo dinámico y productivo. Al fin de deciembre formamos el segundo grupo para estar hasta fin de abril 2013. Si estas fechas no son posibles pero tu deseo es fuerte, avíseme y podemos hablar. Cada persona va a ser guardián de cierto aspecto clave del proyecto, pro ejemplo: animales/compostaje/lombrices; huerta y invernadero; irrigación/manejo del agua/hacer barro; cosecha/preservación de comida en frasco y seco/salvar semillas; construcción (se necesita experiencia por esto). Yo enseño y aconsejo al grupo para asegurar una experiencia exitosa para todos. Además, manejo los recursos, coordinar y guiar el progreso del proyecto. Si desean aprender más que un aspecto podemos rotar. Vamos aprendiendo todos por reuniones grupales, compartiendo nuestra propia conocimiento y experiencia, gente local de permacultura, dvd’s, libros de referencia y el internet. La huerta y las estrellas nos va a enseñar el resto…Risa, curiosidad, imaginación y dedicación son requeridos. Me encanta estar entre compañeros apasionados de la vida conciente y sostenible en hacerse guardián de un terrenito. Si quiera, le puede poner en contacto con voluntarios recienes. Los Cuatro Acuerdos escribo por Don Miguel Ruiz es el basis de nuestra comunidad aca. Por favor de haber leido y estar familiar con estos principios! Colaboracion de comida $80/pesos/semana/persona. Si esto no es posible para vos, hableme...quiero que esta experience y aprendizaje esta disponsible a todos!!! La experiencia importa pero mas vale el actitud y el deseo. Madurez, flexibilidad, sentido de humor fuerte, alguna fortaleza física y psicológica son importantes también. Hablar un poco ingles estaría bien, pero no requisito. Si te anima, hazlo.

We LOVE...

 Building with strawbales, cane, earthen plaster and floors, and wine bottles...

Cover cropping, compost, humanure, companion planting,  seed saving, and mulching til the sun don't shine...  

Sheep, rabbits, chickens, earthworms, loads of symbiotic bacteria, and a puppy from Peru... 

Eating straight from the garden, baking in our cob oven, sun drying veggies...  

I was here last January and my experience there was completely awesome. I learned a lot about organic farming, I helped build with mud and straw and many (many!) other interesting things, and I had the chance to practice my English in my own country.  But above all that, I had the opportunity of sharing beautiful moments with super sensitive-wise-connected people.  It was a full experience, because I improved my knowledge about plants but also I improve my character and evolve my being.  I left Huerta de Vida, knowing that I want to come back sometime (and the sooner the better!).  Now I´m growing some seeds that Margot gave me, they are growing strong and beautiful!
Some general things if you are thinking of going or not to visit here:
1.Just go! You won´t regret!!!
2.The food is delicious, and you can cook for the rest and receive a lot of love back for your favor.
3.They have a very good library.  It doesn´t matter if you are an English or Spanish speaker, on the farm you have books in both languages!
4.Growing food organically is an experience that changes your mind forever. You won´t be the same person after you discover how powerful you are working with nature instead of "against" it.
--Anita Lanita (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2011-2012 Season

This place is truly an amazing and unique experience. To me it almost seemed to be more of an educational center than a farm, simply because of the wealth of knowledge that Margot and Vida possess about sustainable agriculture, public health and food policy. They were unbelievable resources for a myriad of subjects, and that is what separates here from the other farms I visited- they are willing to teach and share all they know with whomever is eager to learn. Also, all of this is done in an inviting, caring environment. Everyone that partakes in this little community does their share happily and enthusiastically which makes it all the more enjoyable. There is always interesting conversation and fun and creative post-dinner activities (whether that means a card game, farm Olympics, a talent show, or simply a fire out back), which makes such a wonderful environment to work and play. Without a doubt, this was the best farm experience I had in all of South America and I cannot thank Margot and Vida enough! 
--Wes B (USA), 2010-2011 Season.  


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